Affiliate Marketing Not Working? This Will Help!

Many people start in affiliate marketing as it is arguably the easiest and quickest way to get started earning money on the Internet, especially with its the low barrier of entry and the most economical investment requirement.

However, many seem to struggle to make any real money through affiliate marketing.

Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps because they don’t fully understand the extent of affiliate marketing and therefore, don’t take advantage of the benefits affiliate marketing offers. 

Therefore in this blog post, I will give you a brief introduction of affiliate marketing, and hopefully, you will have a better understanding of the extent affiliate marketing provides. So if you would like free training on affiliate marketing click here or the link below.

Let’s Describe What Affiliate Marketing Is.

  • Affiliate marketing is where you have signed up to a companies affiliate program and have received your unique affiliate link from that company. 
  • You then use this affiliate link to generate new customers for the company. 
  • The customer clicks your affiliate link, and that is how the company knows you referred the customer, and how the company is going to track your commission. 
  • The company then pays you on your efforts by paying a commission for all the new business you have pushed there way.

Various commissions

There are affiliate products where you earn a one-time commission, and you also get affiliate programs were you could make a recurring commission.

Furthermore, there are affiliate programs for physical products or services, and affiliate program for digital products and software. 

So Where Do You Start?

So now I have already mentioned the best way to start a business online is through the affiliate business model. 

Now to give yourself the best chance of a scalable business online through affiliate marketing model is to combine the various types of affiliate commission structures in so doing not solely focussing on one.

One Time Affiliate Commission

Therefore with the one-time affiliate commission, you can promote the products and start getting the one-off commission immediately. 

Subscription Affiliate Commission

However the subscription affiliate commission is a recurring commission for products you sell once for a subscription-based product where the customer is regularly paying, usually a monthly subscription.

Now you get paid for the initial sale and also for every month the customer remains subscribed to the product or service. 

This recurring commission will, therefore, enable you to create a business where you can earn a passive income.

The Truth Of The Matter

The truth of the matter you are probably not going to earn a substantial income, just promoting one or two products on the one-time commission structure.

So what you need is an affiliate marketing strategy that will allow you to build a customer base while you promote and sell your various affiliate products.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

  1. Promote product “A”,
  2. Find other products “B, C, D” that compliment product “A” and promote them as well,
  3. Find products “E, F, G” to upsell,
  4. Then find products “A – G” as above that is subscription-based,
  5. All the time you are building your customer base (this is the most important)

Step 1

  • Find a product you like or which you have an interest. Now, this may be a product you have bought yourself.
  • Sign up to be an affiliate for this product and get your unique affiliate link.
  • Start promoting this product and gaining customers and commission.

Step 2

  • Find other complementary products for Product “A” that the same customers may be interested in purchasing.
  • Join these product affiliate programmes and promote these products to your customers.

Step 3

  • Find more expensive products that compliment all products in step 1 and 2. Sign up for their affiliate programs and promote these to your customers.

Step 4

  • Find products that compliment all your products in a subscription commission structure and promote them to your customers.

Therefore, you will have acquired a reliable affiliate marketing business earning both, one-time commission and subscription commission with the occasional high priced commission.

As a result you now you have an affiliate marketing sales funnel that can be scaled up.

Most Critical Process

However, as great as this affiliate marketing strategy is, Step 5 is the most critical process for the longevity of your business, and that is to build your customer list.

Step 5

You need to build your customer base. (Your Customer List)

So as an affiliate marketer, you will get an affiliate link to use to promote the products and have your commission paid to you. However, that doesn’t generate a customer list for you, just the commission.

Then once you have this affiliate marketing strategy set up and working, you can fine-tune it.

Then you can start with another range of products (sales funnel) following the same strategy.

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Learn This Affiliate Marketing Strategy

So would you like to learn this affiliate marketing strategy? Which includes where/how to find products and many tips, tricks and procedures that will benefit you in your affiliate marketing business. 

I have a free three-part training video series, to offer you to watch. So you can test-drive the quality of our training.

What You Will Learn In The Training

Therefore we will teach you all you need to know to get started and grow your business in affiliate marketing if this is the first time you have ever heard of affiliate marketing or if you are a seasoned veteran. 

You will learn how to 

  • find products you are interested in promoting,
  • determine the best-paying commission products,
  • develop a product range,
  • sell more products to the same customers,
  • scale your business,
  • improve the business,
  • and so much more

You Don’t Have To Do This Fulltime

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started in building your business while you are still employed, so there is minimal risk and when or if you want to develop the market to replace the full-time income you can.

How Secure Is Your Job?

Let’s face it- nobody’s job is that secure anymore. The idea of leaving education and finding a good job and staying there for the next 40 years is a thing of the past. 

Very few people have the chance to stay with one single company for more than ten years. More companies are replacing staff for automated systems, downsizing, mergers, buyout and redundancies seem like usual everyday language. 

Therefore it is our responsibility to make sure when we leave an employer, we are still current and employable or even better yet, we can rely on an existing business.

May Be A Lifeline!

So this opportunity may not only be an alternative income source; it may very well be a lifeline to secure your future income.

Please note you don’t have to hate your job or even want a change it, to start an affiliate marketing business.

All you may want to do is take control of your future financially, not having to depend on an employer. 

All the best


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