What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing! – Straight To The Point!

I am going to be open and honest and straight to the point about the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is real and what is just hype!

I will be focussing on what is real and what is just hype regarding affiliate marketing so that you may develop a real, authentic understanding of the affiliate marketing world.

The mindset of the affiliate marketer needs to develop to be successful is a strong one.

Affiliate marketing regarded as being easy, and it is very often portrayed as easy by promotional activities. Secondly, many people are also lead to believe that when you get involved in affiliate marketing, you don’t have to do a lot of work.

So straight to the point –

Affiliate marketing is a quick way to start a business online. However, understand that it is not easy.

There are also many skills that the affiliate marketer will need to learn as they get started, and there is a lot of work that is involved in affiliate marketing.

Yes, you may be able to develop your business into a state where you don’t have to be as hands-on and can enjoy a more time freedom lifestyle. However, that is not the case from the beginning. The affiliate marketer will have to invest a lot of time to get their business up and running.

The misconception usually related to the amount of work and responsibility the vendor has the work and responsibility the affiliate marketer has to do.

Comparing the workloads, you will notice the vendors workload and responsibility to bring the product to market is immense compared to the affiliate marketers workload. However, this does not mean that there is very little work for the affiliate marketer.

The next straight to the point, 

Paradigm shift

The affiliate marketer will need to make a paradigm shift by thinking of their business as a real business rather than just a side hustle. Irrespective if you may be the only staff member or if only one or two products promoted. The affiliate marketer needs to make this paradigm shift so that they can give their business the necessary focus and attention it is going to require.

The next straight to the point – 

Emotionally attached!

The affiliate marketer should prevent themselves from getting too emotionally attached to any single product. Therefore you don’t just build your whole business around one product in the hope that this product is going to be around forever and is going to earn you a fortune.

Reality is that products get removed from the market often. Vendors will remove a product without notice and if you have been building your whole business on a single product and that product gets pulled, that will be your entire business stopped, and you will have to start from the beginning again.

The affiliate marketer must develop a mindset to remain impartial and flexible to the products and the vendors so that they can build their business without that emotional attachment. It is best to start promoting a product with an attitude of “let’s see what will happen and let’s see if it works.”

With this mindset, if the promotion is successful, the affiliate marketer can increase their promotional activities however if the promotion of this specific product is not successful the affiliate marketer will be able to quickly and without undue emotional attachment move on to the next product. Therefore not spending unnecessary time trying to flog a dead horse.

Not every product is going to work

Straight to the point, not every product the affiliate marketer tests is going to work.

The affiliate marketer needs to clearly understand and accept that not every product they start promoting is going to be a success. The reality is that the first 5-6 products may be failures. However, here is where most fail. After a few failures, many affiliate marketers stop and say that they have tried that affiliate marketing thing, and it just didn’t work for them. The truth of the matter is that as an affiliate marketer, you may find that you start 5-6 products that fail before you fond the product that starts making money.

Now for affiliate marketers who preserver and get through the first few failures and manage to get to this product that starts to earn some commission, they find that the earnings from this product tend to make the shortcomings of the products leading to this product worthwhile.

Proving why the affiliate marketer should not get emotionally attached to only one product. If the product is not working in the initial test – move on.

Don’t get lost online!

Straight to the point – 

Affiliate marketers need to be aware, especially as they get started in affiliate marketing that the online world is vast.

Why I mention this is to bring home the point that there are countless products online to promote, and earn money; however, there are also many products and loads of space online to get lost.

Be diligent to avoid these products and spaces so as not to waste your time and effort thinking you are doing productive work, where the reality is you are just spending your time. Have a plan and stick to the plan.

The affiliate marketer needs to be aware and therefore very careful not to get caught up in this non-productive void. 

Stay focused on your business.

Treat your business as a real business.

Stay unattached to any one product or vendor.

Initially test a product, If the promotion is working scale the promotion, if not move on.

Have a proven plan and stick to your plan.


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This Simple Mind Shift Will Enhance Your Earnings And Your Life! “Go For No”

I have only been reading loads of blog articles recently and noticed many articles written offering advice on how to earn from your writing.

difficult to earn

Many times the advice seems very similar, at other times very different. However, the common thread throughout the articles is people are finding it difficult to earn through their writing.

We all need money, so this desire to earn doing something you love is no surprise.

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.”

Zig Ziglar

Perhaps I may be able to share some advice that may benefit those desiring to earn from their writing.

highly recommended book

A few years ago, I was introduced to a book while I was attending a business seminar. This highly recommended book has surprisingly thin considering the weighty recommendation. As I love to learn and am rather ambitious, I bought the book and was very impressed by the principle content.

The book I am referring to is “Go For No” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz.

While reading this book, I was amazed at the straightforward concept, that made such a massive difference in my thinking and attitude. After reading this book, you will never look at the word ‘No’ the same way again. 

If you have ever been in any sales type of job environment, you would know sales is a numbers game. The more people you approach, the more chance you have of getting a deal/sale and the more sales you get, the more money you are going to earn.

not obvious

Now, please bear with me. As obvious as this may seem. Before getting your back up, this is not necessarily obvious to everyone.

Many times the most obvious solutions are staring you in the face. However, as you are so close, you are unable to see it.

first sales job

One of my first sales jobs years ago was selling gym memberships for a nationwide group. I got taught the more people you approached, the more opportunities we had to get a sale.

Now, this was a commission-only sales position. So, I didn’t earn a basic salary or retainer. If I didn’t make any sales for the week or month, you didn’t get paid for that week or month.

To work under those circumstances is tough. However the commission was good, and when you made the sales, you got paid well, which off-balanced the risk-reward.

The bottom line was to earn one needed to do the work. 

A lot of focus put on the averages and sales is a numbers game.

sales is a numbers game

So, if you spoke to enough people, the averages in the sales matrix would work. So you had to put in the work and based on the sales matrix averages, you make the relevant appointments, presentations and sales.

the figures we worked to were 

  • 30 approach
  • 12 appointments made
  • 4 presentations
  • 2 sales

So as a daily requirement, was to contact 30 people, from those 30 people make 12 appointments, from those appointments, do 4 presentations, from those presentations should make 2 sales.

So the figures

  • 30 people
  • 12 appointments
  • 4 presentations
  • 2 sales

Being ambitious, I figured if I doubled the input effort, I would earn more, hopefully, double.

So instead of 30, I would approach 60 people. 

Instead of setting 12 appointments, I would make 24 appointments. 

I would do 8 presentations rather than the expected 4.

I should, therefore, average 4 sales rather than the expected 2.

earning great money

I can’t be sure if I hit all the numbers as exact as this catalogue represents. For if I remember, correctly there wasn’t enough time in the day to hit all the doubled up figures. However, I can report I did try to hit those figures every day and subsequently became one of the top writers in the business earning great money.

 In all honesty, I enjoyed being in control of earning in relation to my input.

There is a lot which is out of my control being in a commission-only sales position. However, if I control my input, making sure I hit the high numbers, the results will average out.

Knowing this is great, but the moment you prove it works, you become unstoppable.

Work hard to play hard

As this was one of the first sales positions I ever had, I was keen to work hard and prove myself. Work hard to play hard.

relentless efforts

Reality is even though this was great, and the averages panned out. It was still difficult at times to do the required calls. Some days you weren’t feeling up to it, just tired or burnt out by the relentless efforts. Sometimes just fed up of receiving the high volume of No’s.

Just remember that if you are approaching 30 people to eventually get 2 sales means for every 2 yeses you are getting 28 no’s.

Doing this level of work every day is tough at the best of times. However, if you are anything like me, an overachiever doubling the effort to increase the results, i.e. income.

Therefore my figures I would be getting 56 No’s to get 4 Yes’s, just doubling the statistics.

That is a lot of no’s and irrespective of how successful you become, getting that amount of no’s every day is tough to handle.

It was only years later that I was introduced to the book “Go For No”.

Well, I was immediately blown away by the concept.

As I read, my mind changed to the attitude to the word ‘No’.

The results are profound.

The book covers a short story of a salesman who learns a valuable lesson from the most unlikely source. He discovers a simple shift in his mind changes the way he thinks, sells even the way he lives his life.

By reading ‘Go For No’ will allow you to regard the word ‘No’ differently, which will result in you being more comfortable in earning through your writing.

Now once you read the book “Go For No“, it will do the same for you.

This book will have a positive effect on you, irrespective if you are in the sales profession or not.

These lessons in the “Go For No” book destined to change the way we think, the way we sell, and the way we live forever.

You will have a new attitude to the word. ‘No’, that you have never thought possible, and it would probably help you with your desire to earn money from writing.

Some things you will learn 

  • how to outperform most of the worlds salesforce,
  • Failing and being a failure are not the same thing,
  • The importance to celebrate both success and failure,
  • Understand how to overcome the five failure levels,
  • And much much more.

Get your copy now

“Go For No” and read this short but powerful book, it will completely change the way you look at the word No, as it did me.

Get your copy now “Go For No”

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Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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