Reality Of Lockdown For The Sales Professional – Perhaps It’s Time To Start Your Own Business!

Lockdown has limited our choices, especially our earnings. As a sales professional, you will be very dependent on the commissions you earn. Many sales professionals realise they can’t live on just their basic salaries.

The recent article in the Guardian stated that nearly seven million jobs would be lost if the lockdown lasts for months.

I am going to explore the reality sales professionals are facing right now and offer a silver lining to this dark cloud in how sales professionals can take advantage of this lockdown period to reskill and even start their own digital business.

We are all very aware of the state of the world in lockdown at the moment. 

Most people are watching the daily updates of the crises and in anticipation of evidence for reaching the end.

Limited our choices/earnings

The adverse effect on businesses and companies being so severe that many have had to close down, therefore leaving millions of people without an income, without them having any choice in the matter.

Even though governments assisted businesses and companies to put staff on furlough, millions of people have still lost their source of income. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more people will lose their jobs.

Even though these furlough options are in place, the sales professionals have minimal control over their income, especially the commissions. 

Dependent on commissions

The furlough limit of only earning 80% of your salary (to a maximum of £2500) already puts a considerable loss of income, but further restrictions to earning commissions decrease the earnings of the sales professionals.

Most sales professionals entered the profession attracted by the tremendous earning potential of the commissions. Once customed to the level of earnings, many having to work 50-70 hours to maintain their standard of revenues.

Can’t live on basic

The sudden lockdown has removed the option to earn commissions. Most sales professionals, on furlough or working from home, restricted to their basic income.


An article in the Guardian recently stated that nearly seven million jobs would be at risk if the lockdown lasts for months. 

The article continues, by stating a fifth of all workers are under threat.

These alarming facts are not just a considerable loss of jobs. It is the uncertainty that goes with this lockdown for further job losses.

How secure is your job both now – after lockdown?

Companies are installing e-commerce platforms to migrate their sales activity online, with no intention of keeping their sales staff.

You should ask how secure your job is right now as a sales professional. Not only from an e-commerce installed platform but also from the point if your employer going to be around after lockdown?

Take advantage of the lockdown period to reskill/study.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud in the sense that sales professionals can take advantage of the lockdown and join the thousands of people who are reskilling.

Sales professionals, by their very nature, tend to have an entrepreneurial outlook as they are continually performing ‘out the box’ thinking, dealing with objections and problem solving daily.

Now the benefit to the sales professional is that these are the traits required to become a business owner.

Most people don’t know the options available to them in starting a digital business. Surprised that with the right training, mentoring and support; can successfully add to their innate skills and start their own digital business from home.

Start your own business

Capitalise on this lockdown and begin acquiring the training and learning new skills to start your own business and finally take full control of your income both now and in the future.

Are you 

  • fed-up of your income dictated by someone else,
  • tired of working 50-70 hours a week,
  • unable to live on just your basic salary,
  • uncertain of your job after lockdown.

Perhaps you like the idea of developing your existing skills to starting your own business. Finally, take control of your income.

Stop worrying about your job security, and take control of your income, enhance your sales skills and start a business you can grow and even develop a passive income.

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