How Lockdown Destroyed This Professional Saleswoman’s Career, Then How She decided To Use Lockdown To Her Advantage!

 A genuinely inspirational true, current real-life testimony.

This inspirational story of Rebecca Knight a professional saleswoman. Who after various setbacks and in spite of being a mom, wife and parttime University student was able to build a very successful sales career only to have the lockdown bring her career down. How she turned her experience around and use the time in lockdown to build her own business. An option she never even thought she had.

“I’m the type of person who honestly believes I can do anything.”

Rebecca Knight

This attitude has proven to be my saving grace in both my career and my personal life.

Throughout my professional sales career, I have sold everything. From hygiene services, capital equipment to advertising space. Most of these field sales positions ended in me getting fired. Or given the gentle nudge of ‘it was time to go,’ I wasn’t reaching my sales targets despite my best efforts. 

Now in hindsight, I worked hard at these jobs. I did my best, but it wasn’t my passion. Let’s be honest very few could probably get passionate about copiers or feminine hygiene units, lol.

Around eight years ago, I managed to secure a great job with a fantastic company. 

At the time, I thought, perhaps I was hitting above my pay grade. However, I was sure not only could I do the job, but I knew I would do the job well. All I needed was the opportunity. 

I just needed the break. 

It is at this company where I found my passion. I settled in and smashed company targets in the process, building an excellent reputation. I moved up the ranks to a director and even sat on the company’s trading board.

Being a woman, I always felt like a victim of lower-wage, and am 100% certain this is still the case. 

Six years ago, I started studying for a BA honours degree in business management and leadership, parttime through the Open University. My hope in achieving this degree is to open doors and increased earnings to create a stable career. 

It has been a tough journey working full time, studying 17 hours a week at least, while still being a mother, wife and house maker. It’s taken a tremendous amount of dedication, including the financial reality it also cost more than 10k.

My career successes have been essential financially to my family, and I felt like I was untouchable. The sky was the limit.

Suddenly without any warning – Covid-19 hit, and life just changed drastically.

Most of the staff at the company put on furlough. I now found I was not able to earn any commission, for which I was extremely dependent.

Furthermore, my salary cut to the government furlough package. I initially thought was ok. However, due to the unprecedented circumstances, I resigned myself to being happy I have a job.

The first couple of weeks of furlough were lovely. It felt like a holiday. Only to have reality hit. When I opened my payslip to discover the low amount I was paid on the furlough. The wage of 80% of your pay to a maximum of £2500. Gasping for air as I looked at the payslip, My mind started filling with all sorts of thoughts and concerns.

To my absolute surprise, I can not remember when last I earned so little.

The maximum £2500 deducting higher tax bracket, company car tax, student loan deduction, what’s left with is shocking. I was going to be in trouble if lockdown and furlough wage continued for the next three months.

A month into furlough, I received a message informing me the company was potentially going into administration. Resulting in 1500 of my colleagues and friends losing their job

We had to wait another ten gruelling working days to see if there was a buyer for the company. If not, I would be on a week’s wage!!!! 

I Have Worked So Hard, Yet I Felt So Helpless – My Income Being Out Of My Control

Feeling so helpless. Worked so hard progressing to a director in the company. Doing everything right, and even then, my career didn’t seem to be in my control- AT ALL!

I’ve always been a fighter. More than capable of stacking shelves in Tesco to make ends meet if that is needed. I want more out of life though. 

My life was all planned out. My stable career progression, with the perks of driving a Mercedes, earning a good wage, living in a beautiful home !!! 

The reality is all my hard work and progression built up for eight years is under severe threat. I have no control of the outcome.

Since this realisation, I have spent so many hours online. Searching for solutions to change the inevitable outcome of loosing my secure job. 

How was I going to get control of this serve situation, primarily as very few businesses are operating nevertheless employing?

The apparent outcome of losing all I have worked for. The reality of an uncertain future is like a new world, pre and post covid19. No one really knows what we are going to face after the lockdown.

And I’m not willing to accept it instead “carpe diem”. Yes am I thinking a lot of the present but what about my future and my family’s future?

I believe there is an opportunity in every disaster. My opportunity is taking the form of reskilling and re-invent myself.

woman working on laptop

As I searched online for solutions I found myself drawn to marketing other peoples products and services online and earning commission for my efforts.

I also got excited when I realised I could start a business. Even with very little funds and grow as I learn new skills. Most important I can build and grow my own business and all my hard work will not be taken away, No way not again.

I don’t expect to make a fortune in a short space of time. However, I have found a mentor who is teaching me how to build a legitimate digital business.

A business that allows me to work with products that excite me. More importantly, something I will never have to lose. A business I can keep building, irrespective of any future pandemic.

Yes, you are probably sitting there saying girlfriend, don’t do it. Although you probably have the best intentions for me. However, I have to tell you that when it comes to business online and that sort of stuff. I was the biggest sceptic out there.

I can assure you I did my due diligence. (after all, I have all this free time at the moment). What I discovered is a legitimate community of people. Trainers and mentors who are genuinely interested in training people who want to succeed in starting their own business online. 

The resources and experience they have are so awesome. It would probably take me a lifetime to acquire on my own. Yet they are so willing to guide and teach and share their resources.

Each day I wake up excited for the day ahead and learn the next step to building my digital business. I am now taking full advantage of my time in lockdown. Learning how to build MY digital business from scratch.

I know this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Why? Because I knew nothing about building a digital business.

The reality of losing everything I have worked for. Without having a say in the matter is still too raw in my mind and experience. I vow never to be in such a predicament again.

Over time as my business develops. I am looking to replace my income with my online income. Then scale it. With the time I am allowing and world-class training and technologies. I will be able to build a business of which I can be proud.

As I am getting the correct training and mentorship. There is no reason that in the not too distant future, my dream will become a reality.

No worldwide pandemic will take away by earnings or my business again. – The new world is mine to conquer. I have a plan that will allow me financial freedom in the future.

You can also take back control of your income. Never have to be dependent on a boss again and reskill for your future. 

If there is one lesson I have learned through this experience is that

the world doesn’t owe you anything; it is up to you to grab it by the balls and run with it.”

Rebecca Knight

Create your own life – after all, we all only have one.

Please comment below and share your experiences in lockdown.

Thank you to Rebecca Knight for sharing this story and allowing me to share it.

All the best


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