Are These 5 Drivers Also Holding You Back – From Achieving Your Dreams, Passion, Happiness Or Fulfilment?

This post identifies five drivers that may be holding you back from achieving your goals, finding your passion and even preventing you from fulfilment or happiness. 

We have all probably been affected by these five drivers at some point in our lives. Once we know what drivers are affecting our lives, we can make the necessary changes. 

However, if we don’t even know what the drivers are, nothing is going to change, and we may remain a slave or victim to these unhelpful disempowering drivers for our whole life. Perhaps we never discover our purpose in Life.

The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – a waif, a nothing, a no man.

Tomas Carlyle

We All Are Driven By Something?

You may not immediately realize what the driving force in your life is, but there is something driving you.

I quick search of the dictionary will describe the word drive as – Verb, “to guide, to control, to direct”

So by applying this dictionary description of ‘drive’ to how we use the word drive/s in our life…

To drive (to guide, to control to direct) a car, or golf ball.

Whatever you are driving you will be guiding, controlling or directing.

So what drives your life?

What is guiding, controlling or directing your life, or how you lead or live your life?

This may be a sobering exercise, and here are five drivers that drive most people.

Five drivers are 

  • Guilt
  • Resentment or anger
  • Fear
  • Materialism
  • The need for approval

Driven By Guilt

People who are driven by guilt allow their memories to manipulate them.

They often spend their entire life running from past regrets and trying to hide their shame.

They live in the past and allow their past to control their present and their future.

Driven By Resentment Or Anger

People driven by resentment or anger tend to hold onto past hurts and pains. Issues which they have never dealt with. They constantly replay these hurtful and painful memories over and over in their mind. They fail to forgive and move on. 

Therefore often leading to them internalizing these hurts and pains and becoming anger. Thus very unhealthy, both mentally and physically. It is not helpful.

Being resentful only actually hurts the person that is being resentful. The person who offended you has probably long forgotten about the incident. Therefore it no longer affects them.

Driven By Fear

We have all had disappointments in our life. There may also have been traumatic experiences, or perhaps you have even set unrealistic expectations on yourself. When you didn’t achieve these expectations, they haunt you by creating a fear of repeating the past disappointments.

People driven by fear miss out on many opportunities, and many of them may even have been great opportunities all because their fear bounds them. The fear is so real that is prevents them from venturing out.

This self-imposed prison will keep people from ever truly being great or achieving or fulfilling their purpose in life.

Driven By Materialism.

In today’s world, the evidence of this fear is prevalent and is becoming the norm for many. People are driven by acquiring more in the misconception that they are going to be happy if they acquire more possessions.

The inevitable result of this drive is that the satisfaction of the acquisition is short-lived and then the desire to acquire even more persists, and the cycle continues.

Driven By The Need For Approval.

Many people are shocked when they find out as adults that their expectations their parents, schoolteachers or family members put on them still control their lives—most of the time, not in a positive way.

These adults tend to still seek their parent’s approval in the things they do, and this overflows into also giving in to peer pressures and always being concerned of what others think or most cases what other might be thinking.

Now when people know what is driving them even if it is reasoned that are not helpful, they have the choice to deal with the mind-set and overcome it. 

However, if they aren’t even aware they have an unhelpful driver in their lives, sadly nothing will change. They may very well have these burdens for the rest of their lives. Never really find happiness, their passions or fulfilment.

It is so essential for us to reflect on these things. They would have affected all us to some degree sometime in our lives. If we can identify the unhelpful drivers and address them, we can look forward to a better, brighter future.

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