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If you have a website, you will know the most critical aspect of running a site is getting traffic to your website on a regular, consistent basis.

It is not enough to get traffic to your business website once; it is an on-going endeavour. Although there are many ways to get traffic to your website, the methods fall into two categories, paid and free techniques. Here are a few free techniques you can start to implement right away to get free traffic to your online business website.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is still an essential part of generating traffic to a website, and many businesses have made fortunes helping companies optimize their websites and get free traffic to your online business website. SEO is a very expensive and costly method, which has become more of a science than a marketing strategy. However, there are still specific optimizing tasks you can do even if this is not going to be your primary traffic method. Optimize your website by researching the applicable keywords and then applying them to your content and website pages so that after consistently creating new keyword content, you will be able to rank higher in the search engines.

Update Your Website Regularly

Search engines have evolved, just as much of the internet is cleaned up and more accurate and efficient. It didn’t just happen by magic; however, it is the result of the incredible requirements the search engines have been demanding in the content they require from the websites. They need clear content and not keyword-rich gobble-dee-goo, rather proper website pages that are real and not cloaked for the sole reason to be ranked well. So yes, good valuable content regularly to your website will be favoured and get free traffic to your online business website.

Use The Social Bookmarking Websites

As mentioned above the internet has been cleaned up, and regular fresh content is now needed. This requirement from the search engines now also demands that you also include requiring the website to get links back to your website through the social media avenues. As social media has become such a massive part of our lives and the ease of use and quick reference and information, especially social proof, has become a beneficial source of traffic. by utilizing this ever-growing space will create a great source to get free traffic to your online business website.

Facebook And Twitter – Great Source Of Traffic

Your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other popular social media platform will be an excellent source to get free traffic to your online business website.

Building an audience on the social networks may take time to establish; however, once you have the audience, you can direct and influence as you require. The influence the traffic from the social platforms could be more than you would be generating from the search engines. Traffic from the social platforms also has added social proof rather than just an algorithm delivering results.

Relevant Links

Having links to your website is not a new concept, and for a very long time, this had been an essential part of the SEO process, and like many processes, it has extensively abused. However, as the search engine and social media algorithms have evolved, they have also changed the links back to your website. So links back to your site are still required, but you don’t have to have a two-way link. Single links are preferred. These links will help in your SEO rating, and the more visibility you achieve by more links scatter the better chance you have of traffic coming to your website. you can also make use of backlink builders to get the links and get free traffic to your online business website.

All these free traffic ideas to your online business website can be implemented right now. All it is going to take is the actual doing of the work. Yes, you are going to have to put the work in and as mentioned earlier, generating traffic to your website if not a once-off activity. Traffic generation is an on-going process, however, after doing a lot of the initial groundwork correctly over time generating traffic does become more natural, but there is no getting away with putting in the initial handwork.

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