5 Tips To Grow Your Likes On Your Pages

So we are all familiar with the largest social media platforms, and most people have a fan or business page. As the biggest social media platform in the world, it is no surprise that it is the place where conversations take place. Or at least that is where they should take place. To be able to grow your likes you do need to have conversations with your audience.

So the question I would ask you is, “Do you chat with your fans or do you tale at them?

You may think this is a strange question, however just by having a scan of the number of fans may be a telltale sign that you are probably talking at your fans rather than with them.

The more you chat to your fans, the higher your audience will grow. Make the most of this social media goliath and start talking to and with your fans/audience rather than at them, and your engagement and audience will grow i.e. grow your likes.

  1. Talkback to you fans
  2. Plenty of photos and videos
  3. Best timeline photo
  4. Social tabs
  5. Post regularly

Talk Back To Your Fans

When you get comments on your posts, you need to make sure that you reply to the comments. In this way, your fans will be able to see that their comments are valued, and it will encourage them and others to continue to comment on your posts. Ideally, what you would like to achieve is more of a conversation going with your fans which in turn will grow your likes.

However, if there is no reply after a fan comment, the conversion potential of the thread dies.

Plenty Of Photo’s And Videos

It is no secret that we all prefer photos and videos more now. So make sure you are posting loads of pictures and videos regularly to compliment your text posts. Your page becomes more visually appealing and therefore, able to draw the interest of your fans and potential fans. Therefore to grow your likes fans are more likely to share and like photos and videos, especially if they are congruent with the rest of your page.

Best Timeline Photo

Make sure your image added to your posts are high quality and are friendly and cheerful. Fans are more likely to engage with a warm, happy image and therefore more likely to share. Make sure your inset image is also friendly and pleasant as your photo will be shared every time you make a post or comment.

Social Tabs

You are also able to promote your other social media pages by adding social tabs to your page. So if you are using different social media platforms, why not add tabs for each of them. I.e. Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and grow your likes.

Post Regularly

To create and maintain the interest of your fans and grow your likes, you need to post regularly. If you are posting irregular or seldom your fans are less likely to like or share your posts. The platforms make it very easy to see the latest posts by date, stamping each post and also grouping in months. So to create interest and generate conversation, make sure you are posting regularly.

So in conclusion, make sure you are talking to and with your fans rather than just talking at them. 

Continue the conversation by replying to the comments to your posts.

Keep interested and variety by posting photos and videos, which are high quality, connect to your other social platforms with the tabs and make sure you are posting regularly. Rinse and repeat and enjoy the growth and engagement with your fans.

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