Start A Business Online And Escape The Rat Race

How To Start A Business Online And Escape The Rat Race, Get To Live Anywhere While Becoming Financially Self-Reliant?

By finding this page, I am going to assume that you are interested in starting a business online. Escaping the rat race and interested in being able to live anywhere while you become financially self-reliant.

You may not be at all surprised. Many people are looking for a realistic way to generate an income online. Without having to leave their current employment immediately. Therefore minimal financial risk and pressure as they starting a business online.

Many are inclined to ask if what they desire is, in fact, realistic to expect to be able to start a real business online and still keep their job.

Another common concern is, How soon will it be before they can replace their fulltime income?

I can tell you with absolute certainty, that you are able to start a business online. While realistically build the business alongside your current job/career. 

How soon you will be able to replace your income will depend on many factors. What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that you will be able to learn the necessary skills. Get equipped to replace your fulltime income.

However, the timing will depend on

  • your ability to be taught,
  • the work you are willing to do and
  • the time and money you are willing to invest in your business.

Don’t give up your job immediately

When I first started my online business, I was very concerned that I was going to have to give up my job. Which would add immediate pressure for the new business to be successful. However, my concerns stopped once I started meeting similar minded people. People from all walks of life and professional backgrounds who were all building their businesses alongside their day jobs. 

They were then giving up their jobs and careers that no longer inspired them when their digital business earned more than their fulltime income. Many of these people use to work more than 70 hours a week on their fulltime jobs and still managed to find time to build their online business.

Fill your passion

At the time I started building my business, it was important to feel I was making a difference in life. Therefore I needed to find something I was passionate about. I wanted to be excited to get up and go to work because I wanted to and not because I had to.

Additionally, I wanted to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. I have always naturally found myself trying to help people. In the beginning, I would help even if the support wasn’t asked for, thinking that I was doing good. However, as the years went by I grew wiser as I continued to self develop, and realised that people need to want to change. You can’t make people change. Similarly, people need to want help, you can’t just help them.

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” 

Tony Robbins

I have found a mentor who does just this. He teaches what he walks and talks—explaining and showing precisely what he does daily to grow his business. I feel so grateful that I have found this mentor and his training program. So now, as I grow my business, I can bless others by giving them the same gift for growth and development.

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” 

Tony Robbins

You have already identified your problems of;

  • interest in starting a business online, 
  • escaping the rat race, 
  • being able to live anywhere while you, 
  • becoming financially self-reliant.

Now give your power and energy to the solutions.

Let me introduce you to my mentor and friend, who has helped me change my life and the lives of my family in so many ways. Every day I am excited to wake up and go to work and build my business. I know everything I do is impacting peoples lives for the better. Helping people who want to be supported and stop wasting precious time and energy on those who are happy in their mundane lives.

What kind of business can you run part-time?

The famous author Robert Kiyosaki states, in starting a business, you should start with anything that is very product-driven and remarkably easy to fulfil on. If you were confident in selling and believe in the product, it would also help.

So you are looking for a product you can repeatedly sell many times every day, week and not have to spend a lot of your time on customer service and support.

I am sure the last thing you want to do after 60-70 hours a week is to have to deliver and support products you are selling part-time.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

A great business model to start with as you will be able to work around your job. Affiliate marketing is where you sell other businesses products and get a paid commission – without having to do any fulfilment or delivery. 

You have an unlimited amount of products you can sell as an affiliate. You are also able to sell the products many times over 24/7, 365 days a year. Now even if you are at work or sleeping, you are busy growing your income as you build your sales.


E-commerce Business Model

With E-commerce, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to sell physical products in your business. You can order existing products at a fraction of the cost in bulk and then set up sales systems.

The Amazon FBA business models will do all the heavy lifting for you. Processing the payments from your customers and then dealing with the packaging, distribution and customer service.

While you do the selling through setting up the marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen. You will be able to do all this around your job in just a one or two hours a day.

Therefore you don’t have to take any unnecessary risk by leaving your job in the hope your new online business is going to provide you with the income you need immediately.


As you get involved, consider

An important aspect to mention irrespective of the option you chose to follow is that making the first ten sales online is going to be the most difficult. You are going to have to learn a whole new way of working and put this into action. However, the moment you have achieved your first double figures in sales, your confidence will be sky-high. At that stage, all you have to do is rinse and repeat – and grow.

You will also learn the number of sales you need to make each week and each month to have a steady growing business to be able to replace your fulltime income eventually.

How long is it going to take?

You may be asking “how long is it going to take?” As natural as that question is, it isn’t easy to even begin to answer. There is just so much diversity in achieving the results from 2 days to 12 months to make your first ten sales.

The contribution factors are dependent on which product and market you choose for the current time. More importantly, is your commitment to learning the digital skills you need to achieve the success.

So if you are serious about earning an income online and getting a business started! You are looking for a genuine way to do it around your day job. Without having to break the bank, but at the same time have no ceiling on your income potential.  

Then check out this FREE video series that’s been responsible for helping THOUSANDS of people just like you to start an online business from scratch and around their day jobs.  

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