How Lockdown Destroyed This Professional Saleswoman’s Career, Then How She decided To Use Lockdown To Her Advantage!

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 A genuinely inspirational true, current real-life testimony.

This inspirational story of Rebecca Knight a professional saleswoman. Who after various setbacks and in spite of being a mom, wife and parttime University student was able to build a very successful sales career only to have the lockdown bring her career down. How she turned her experience around and use the time in lockdown to build her own business. An option she never even thought she had.

“I’m the type of person who honestly believes I can do anything.”

Rebecca Knight

This attitude has proven to be my saving grace in both my career and my personal life.

Throughout my professional sales career, I have sold everything. From hygiene services, capital equipment to advertising space. Most of these field sales positions ended in me getting fired. Or given the gentle nudge of ‘it was time to go,’ I wasn’t reaching my sales targets despite my best efforts. 

Now in hindsight, I worked hard at these jobs. I did my best, but it wasn’t my passion. Let’s be honest very few could probably get passionate about copiers or feminine hygiene units, lol.

Around eight years ago, I managed to secure a great job with a fantastic company. 

At the time, I thought, perhaps I was hitting above my pay grade. However, I was sure not only could I do the job, but I knew I would do the job well. All I needed was the opportunity. 

I just needed the break. 

It is at this company where I found my passion. I settled in and smashed company targets in the process, building an excellent reputation. I moved up the ranks to a director and even sat on the company’s trading board.

Being a woman, I always felt like a victim of lower-wage, and am 100% certain this is still the case. 

Six years ago, I started studying for a BA honours degree in business management and leadership, parttime through the Open University. My hope in achieving this degree is to open doors and increased earnings to create a stable career. 

It has been a tough journey working full time, studying 17 hours a week at least, while still being a mother, wife and house maker. It’s taken a tremendous amount of dedication, including the financial reality it also cost more than 10k.

My career successes have been essential financially to my family, and I felt like I was untouchable. The sky was the limit.

Suddenly without any warning – Covid-19 hit, and life just changed drastically.

Most of the staff at the company put on furlough. I now found I was not able to earn any commission, for which I was extremely dependent.

Furthermore, my salary cut to the government furlough package. I initially thought was ok. However, due to the unprecedented circumstances, I resigned myself to being happy I have a job.

The first couple of weeks of furlough were lovely. It felt like a holiday. Only to have reality hit. When I opened my payslip to discover the low amount I was paid on the furlough. The wage of 80% of your pay to a maximum of £2500. Gasping for air as I looked at the payslip, My mind started filling with all sorts of thoughts and concerns.

To my absolute surprise, I can not remember when last I earned so little.

The maximum £2500 deducting higher tax bracket, company car tax, student loan deduction, what’s left with is shocking. I was going to be in trouble if lockdown and furlough wage continued for the next three months.

A month into furlough, I received a message informing me the company was potentially going into administration. Resulting in 1500 of my colleagues and friends losing their job

We had to wait another ten gruelling working days to see if there was a buyer for the company. If not, I would be on a week’s wage!!!! 

I Have Worked So Hard, Yet I Felt So Helpless – My Income Being Out Of My Control

Feeling so helpless. Worked so hard progressing to a director in the company. Doing everything right, and even then, my career didn’t seem to be in my control- AT ALL!

I’ve always been a fighter. More than capable of stacking shelves in Tesco to make ends meet if that is needed. I want more out of life though. 

My life was all planned out. My stable career progression, with the perks of driving a Mercedes, earning a good wage, living in a beautiful home !!! 

The reality is all my hard work and progression built up for eight years is under severe threat. I have no control of the outcome.

Since this realisation, I have spent so many hours online. Searching for solutions to change the inevitable outcome of loosing my secure job. 

How was I going to get control of this serve situation, primarily as very few businesses are operating nevertheless employing?

The apparent outcome of losing all I have worked for. The reality of an uncertain future is like a new world, pre and post covid19. No one really knows what we are going to face after the lockdown.

And I’m not willing to accept it instead “carpe diem”. Yes am I thinking a lot of the present but what about my future and my family’s future?

I believe there is an opportunity in every disaster. My opportunity is taking the form of reskilling and re-invent myself.

woman working on laptop

As I searched online for solutions I found myself drawn to marketing other peoples products and services online and earning commission for my efforts.

I also got excited when I realised I could start a business. Even with very little funds and grow as I learn new skills. Most important I can build and grow my own business and all my hard work will not be taken away, No way not again.

I don’t expect to make a fortune in a short space of time. However, I have found a mentor who is teaching me how to build a legitimate digital business.

A business that allows me to work with products that excite me. More importantly, something I will never have to lose. A business I can keep building, irrespective of any future pandemic.

Yes, you are probably sitting there saying girlfriend, don’t do it. Although you probably have the best intentions for me. However, I have to tell you that when it comes to business online and that sort of stuff. I was the biggest sceptic out there.

I can assure you I did my due diligence. (after all, I have all this free time at the moment). What I discovered is a legitimate community of people. Trainers and mentors who are genuinely interested in training people who want to succeed in starting their own business online. 

The resources and experience they have are so awesome. It would probably take me a lifetime to acquire on my own. Yet they are so willing to guide and teach and share their resources.

Each day I wake up excited for the day ahead and learn the next step to building my digital business. I am now taking full advantage of my time in lockdown. Learning how to build MY digital business from scratch.

I know this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Why? Because I knew nothing about building a digital business.

The reality of losing everything I have worked for. Without having a say in the matter is still too raw in my mind and experience. I vow never to be in such a predicament again.

Over time as my business develops. I am looking to replace my income with my online income. Then scale it. With the time I am allowing and world-class training and technologies. I will be able to build a business of which I can be proud.

As I am getting the correct training and mentorship. There is no reason that in the not too distant future, my dream will become a reality.

No worldwide pandemic will take away by earnings or my business again. – The new world is mine to conquer. I have a plan that will allow me financial freedom in the future.

You can also take back control of your income. Never have to be dependent on a boss again and reskill for your future. 

If there is one lesson I have learned through this experience is that

the world doesn’t owe you anything; it is up to you to grab it by the balls and run with it.”

Rebecca Knight

Create your own life – after all, we all only have one.

Please comment below and share your experiences in lockdown.

Thank you to Rebecca Knight for sharing this story and allowing me to share it.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Reality Of Lockdown For The Sales Professional – Perhaps It’s Time To Start Your Own Business!

lockdown image

Lockdown has limited our choices, especially our earnings. As a sales professional, you will be very dependent on the commissions you earn. Many sales professionals realise they can’t live on just their basic salaries.

The recent article in the Guardian stated that nearly seven million jobs would be lost if the lockdown lasts for months.

I am going to explore the reality sales professionals are facing right now and offer a silver lining to this dark cloud in how sales professionals can take advantage of this lockdown period to reskill and even start their own digital business.

We are all very aware of the state of the world in lockdown at the moment. 

Most people are watching the daily updates of the crises and in anticipation of evidence for reaching the end.

Limited our choices/earnings

The adverse effect on businesses and companies being so severe that many have had to close down, therefore leaving millions of people without an income, without them having any choice in the matter.

Even though governments assisted businesses and companies to put staff on furlough, millions of people have still lost their source of income. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more people will lose their jobs.

Even though these furlough options are in place, the sales professionals have minimal control over their income, especially the commissions. 

Dependent on commissions

The furlough limit of only earning 80% of your salary (to a maximum of £2500) already puts a considerable loss of income, but further restrictions to earning commissions decrease the earnings of the sales professionals.

Most sales professionals entered the profession attracted by the tremendous earning potential of the commissions. Once customed to the level of earnings, many having to work 50-70 hours to maintain their standard of revenues.

Can’t live on basic

The sudden lockdown has removed the option to earn commissions. Most sales professionals, on furlough or working from home, restricted to their basic income.


An article in the Guardian recently stated that nearly seven million jobs would be at risk if the lockdown lasts for months. 

The article continues, by stating a fifth of all workers are under threat.

These alarming facts are not just a considerable loss of jobs. It is the uncertainty that goes with this lockdown for further job losses.

How secure is your job both now – after lockdown?

Companies are installing e-commerce platforms to migrate their sales activity online, with no intention of keeping their sales staff.

You should ask how secure your job is right now as a sales professional. Not only from an e-commerce installed platform but also from the point if your employer going to be around after lockdown?

Take advantage of the lockdown period to reskill/study.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud in the sense that sales professionals can take advantage of the lockdown and join the thousands of people who are reskilling.

Sales professionals, by their very nature, tend to have an entrepreneurial outlook as they are continually performing ‘out the box’ thinking, dealing with objections and problem solving daily.

Now the benefit to the sales professional is that these are the traits required to become a business owner.

Most people don’t know the options available to them in starting a digital business. Surprised that with the right training, mentoring and support; can successfully add to their innate skills and start their own digital business from home.

Start your own business

Capitalise on this lockdown and begin acquiring the training and learning new skills to start your own business and finally take full control of your income both now and in the future.

Are you 

  • fed-up of your income dictated by someone else,
  • tired of working 50-70 hours a week,
  • unable to live on just your basic salary,
  • uncertain of your job after lockdown.

Perhaps you like the idea of developing your existing skills to starting your own business. Finally, take control of your income.

Stop worrying about your job security, and take control of your income, enhance your sales skills and start a business you can grow and even develop a passive income.

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All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Essential Tools For All Affiliate Marketing

What You Need To Know As A New Affiliate Marketer

If you are looking to start a business online, you may have considered affiliate marketing.

Are You Willing To Put In The Work

Now affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started in an online business. Notice, I intentionally didn’t say easiest. The reason is affiliate marketing is not necessarily easy in the sense that you can’t put up a website, sit back and do nothing else. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of work as it is in starting any business. Online business is no different.

If you are willing to put in some hard work, some money and stick with it – you will become successful. How successful will be up to you?

What is your interpretation of success?

Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t think the only symbol of success is earning millions.

  • Success could mean making a living working around kids,
  • not having to answer to managers or a boss,
  • Success could be an online income exceeding your salary,
  • Being able to generate a passive income,
  • Not having to work every hour of every day.

You can achieve whatever your idea of success is if you are willing to put in the necessary work.

You are probably thinking, well it is obvious you will achieve if you put in the work. However, it is evident many believe in writing a few blog posts and sending a few emails, is enough to build an online business.

You have to be prepared to do some hard work. After all, you are starting a new business. It makes no sense how people expect to sit and do very little work and build a business.

The smart business person understands that they are going to have to put in a lot of work initially, then plans to execute and follows a mentor.

A mentor will guide and support your efforts using their experience, therefore, saving you time and money in the processes and activities that won’t work.

A good mentor, accompanied by the right tools in starting an online business (affiliate marketing business), is the difference of being a success or ending up beaten down and broke.

It is vital as an affiliate marketer you understand and accept to become profitable you will need a mentor combined with the right tools.

Here are three key tools you must have:

    Key Tool #1: YOUR WEBSITE

The first step in any successful online business or affiliate marketing business is to build an excellent, credible and professional looking website.

Your website is the focal point of all future marketing efforts and will need a domain name. My recommendation, spend some time on choosing the domain name. It is going to be the name, point of contact, and how people are going to know the business.

The domain name is the website name for the business. Choose a name that describes the business accurately and is congruent to products and marketing.

Build a user-friendly, modern-looking website appealing to your customers that would encourage them to interact with your website. Therefore resulting in clicks. (possibly sales)

Great platforms such as enable users to build a modern-looking website for free. also has a wide variety of styles & themes.

Note it is and not

Keep in mind that your customers go online to get information, they don’t necessarily go online to buy something. Make sure your website is easy to find, navigate and filled with original content relevant to your products and services.

Customers enjoy appealing, helpful articles, and are more likely ready to purchase once they have received the information they initially were searching for.

Remember online; content is king. Good quality content will build your credibility while helping achieve higher search engine rankings.

Online business owners are always looking to be search engine friendly. By posting new original quality, relevant content will satisfy search engine algorithms and establish your website as an authority/expert in its field.

This original content will also appeal to customers/visitors by endorsing your products, therefore becoming trustworthy, resulting in building a good reputation and creating repeat loyal customer base.


As a new online business, be extra disciplined for providing better content and products as you compete in a very crowded internet world.

Use every opportunity to drive traffic to your website and engage with visitors. You soon realise getting traffic to your website is an essential part of the work even though difficult.

Drive traffic by free or paid options; however, irrespective of the path – you are going to want to create an opt-in list.

Allow the visitor to subscribe to your opt-in list, allowing you then to market repeatably to the visitor who now is a subscriber.

Your newsletter or ezine emailed to the subscriber with relevant, valuable, applicable and congruent information to your products, regularly.

Encourage visitors to subscribe by creating an incentive. This incentive could be in the form of tips, techniques, free ebook, perhaps free software or may even offer a lower-priced product that isn’t selling well.

    Key Tool #3: LINK POPULARITY

Search engines determine how popular and relevant your website is — one way is by the number of websites linking to your site.

Driving visitors to your website will generate business; therefore, driving traffic as the central theme in everything you do. Increased visitor make purchases, but more importantly, higher search results.

Enhance your link popularity, by writing articles with website’s link in source box,  and submit articles to ezines/article directories. There is a two-fold benefit. Get exposure to the website, and get a link back to your website from the directory sites for every article published. The more articles published, the more directories, the better your exposure and the better link popularity.

Make sure your articles are original relevant and useful content and other websites will use then, extending your link exposure.

 There you have them.

These are only three of the many tools an affiliate marketer can and will use to maximise earning potential.

There are endless possibilities, only limited by your imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness.

As you develop and grow your online business, explore other ideas, adopt different strategies and implement them in your online business.

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All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Biggest Mistake When Starting An Online Business!

Are You Ready To Face The Hard Truth?

Affiliate marketing is a great way of starting an online business. Many successful online business owners have used affiliate marketing to launch their online businesses. After achieving a certain level of success, they specialize in their interests and start other businesses.

achieved high incomes

I know of affiliate marketers who have achieved high incomes; however, even though it may be a great way to get started this should not be assumed it is easy.

accelerate your learning curve

Affiliate marketing is not easy, although you can find mentors who will help and guide you so you can prevent making the mistakes, which in itself will accelerate your learning curve. However, there is still going to be a learning curve and a lot of work to starting an online business.

One of the biggest misconceptions I believe out there to starting an online business is, ‘people set up and affiliate program or website and then sit back and expect the money to roll in.’

 Although to most this seems ludicrous. Yes, you will be correct in thinking that this type of thinking is ludicrous, people are still doing it, and subconsciously this is precisely how they think.

They set up their affiliate program, website or blog, then start doing excellent work. As the results aren’t quick enough, they become distracted by the next big thing or stop believing that this business they have just started will work.

taught people for years

There are good reasons for people to have this behaviour and belief system. The internet business opportunities have taught people for years about money-making opportunities and get rich quick schemes that have littered the internet since time began, (online that is).

The making money online it’s easy, sit back and watch the money roll in, earn millions while sleeping or working ten minutes — all these tag lines.

These taglines are correct, but only after a lot of work has done to set this business up to be at a stage where you will be making money in your sleep, etc.

put in a lot of work

The reality is, if you want to start a business online, start making money online – you are going to have to put in a lot of work. Yes, you read correctly. You are going to have to put in a lot of work. Let’s face it. You are starting a business. Especially in beginning a business you are going to have to do a lot of work to get it up and running.

There is going to have to be an investment. This investment would either be time, money or a combination of both. Just remember you are starting a business. Starting by not investing a lot of money – you would need to spend a lot of time. The reverse is true. The best option in my experience and from the mentors I follow is a little of both – time and money.

Good mentors will help and guidance along the process, saving a lot of hassle, time and financial waste. However, you will need to be able to find these mentors, that could be difficult enough with every other website promising the world on a push-button get-rich-quick scheme.

very clearly

I am thankful for being introduced to my mentor and have not looked back.  When I met him, he told me I was going to have to do a lot of work. He didn’t shy away from this fact. I will have to put in the time. He also told me very clearly that I will have to invest some money.

After all, I am starting a business, and these are two aspects many don’t mention or want to hear. The result is they get caught out and lose interest or end up losing money, wasting a whole lot of time only to have nothing to show for it. Therefore in the process, their confidence in any future online business in tatters.

So if you can be honest with your self, you admit that you are going to have to put in some real work and invest some money. If you understand this simple point, you already have an advantage over most people who start online.

Surprisingly today, people are still looking for that golden egg or easy money.

willing to put in the work and invest

No, it is not all doom and gloom. Although I don’t think that what I have just shared is doom and gloom, instead it should be a breath of fresh air and should fill you with excitement as I have just told you that if you are willing to put in the work and invest some money and stick with it, you will be successful.


Now mentors like mine who have genuinely been successful in the area they teach and have a passion for teaching others, are invaluable to people who want to start a business online.

developed processes

You will be able to learn how to do things the right way rather than have to figure it out yourself. They will have developed processes and tools that they pass on to speed up the process and help build, once again, you don’t have to improve. However, more importantly, they will be able to guide and mentor you and invite you into the community they have created where people are helping each other to achieve their online business goals.

probably not supportive

Let’s admit it the first time you mentioned that you were starting an online business to your closest and dearest, they were probably not supportive or filled with excitement.

ready-made community

Now being alone is one step closer to defeat for starting an online business. However, with a ready-made community that are all interested in you succeeding in your online business goals and more often than not can help and guide you along the path to success, continuously encouraging and supporting you.

If you would like to get introduced to my mentor who will tell you like it is, he will show you how to genuinely start and achieve success then click on the link below.

three-part video training

I will send you a three-part video training from him that will show you the quality of the mentorship you will get, and it will show you the quality of the training you will get. It will show you the honesty and easy to follow precise instructions.

 I highly recommend this great community, combined with the mentoring program. As I have personally been trying to achieve success on the internet for many years. I have fallen for probably close to every scam, which eventually crushed my goals of ever having a business online.

make your mind up

A guy introduced me to my mentor through this same video training I am offering you right now for free. Have a look and make your mind up. All the best with your online business endeavour, I sincerely hope you can put in the necessary work and achieve the success you desire for yourself and your family.


With this mentorship program, you will not get forced into selling their products and services. What I liked most of all is that the strategies they teach they even encourage you to focus on your interests and passions and start your business in those spaces through their mentoring.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing! – Straight To The Point!

I am going to be open and honest and straight to the point about the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is real and what is just hype!

I will be focussing on what is real and what is just hype regarding affiliate marketing so that you may develop a real, authentic understanding of the affiliate marketing world.

The mindset of the affiliate marketer needs to develop to be successful is a strong one.

Affiliate marketing regarded as being easy, and it is very often portrayed as easy by promotional activities. Secondly, many people are also lead to believe that when you get involved in affiliate marketing, you don’t have to do a lot of work.

So straight to the point –

Affiliate marketing is a quick way to start a business online. However, understand that it is not easy.

There are also many skills that the affiliate marketer will need to learn as they get started, and there is a lot of work that is involved in affiliate marketing.

Yes, you may be able to develop your business into a state where you don’t have to be as hands-on and can enjoy a more time freedom lifestyle. However, that is not the case from the beginning. The affiliate marketer will have to invest a lot of time to get their business up and running.

The misconception usually related to the amount of work and responsibility the vendor has the work and responsibility the affiliate marketer has to do.

Comparing the workloads, you will notice the vendors workload and responsibility to bring the product to market is immense compared to the affiliate marketers workload. However, this does not mean that there is very little work for the affiliate marketer.

The next straight to the point, 

Paradigm shift

The affiliate marketer will need to make a paradigm shift by thinking of their business as a real business rather than just a side hustle. Irrespective if you may be the only staff member or if only one or two products promoted. The affiliate marketer needs to make this paradigm shift so that they can give their business the necessary focus and attention it is going to require.

The next straight to the point – 

Emotionally attached!

The affiliate marketer should prevent themselves from getting too emotionally attached to any single product. Therefore you don’t just build your whole business around one product in the hope that this product is going to be around forever and is going to earn you a fortune.

Reality is that products get removed from the market often. Vendors will remove a product without notice and if you have been building your whole business on a single product and that product gets pulled, that will be your entire business stopped, and you will have to start from the beginning again.

The affiliate marketer must develop a mindset to remain impartial and flexible to the products and the vendors so that they can build their business without that emotional attachment. It is best to start promoting a product with an attitude of “let’s see what will happen and let’s see if it works.”

With this mindset, if the promotion is successful, the affiliate marketer can increase their promotional activities however if the promotion of this specific product is not successful the affiliate marketer will be able to quickly and without undue emotional attachment move on to the next product. Therefore not spending unnecessary time trying to flog a dead horse.

Not every product is going to work

Straight to the point, not every product the affiliate marketer tests is going to work.

The affiliate marketer needs to clearly understand and accept that not every product they start promoting is going to be a success. The reality is that the first 5-6 products may be failures. However, here is where most fail. After a few failures, many affiliate marketers stop and say that they have tried that affiliate marketing thing, and it just didn’t work for them. The truth of the matter is that as an affiliate marketer, you may find that you start 5-6 products that fail before you fond the product that starts making money.

Now for affiliate marketers who preserver and get through the first few failures and manage to get to this product that starts to earn some commission, they find that the earnings from this product tend to make the shortcomings of the products leading to this product worthwhile.

Proving why the affiliate marketer should not get emotionally attached to only one product. If the product is not working in the initial test – move on.

Don’t get lost online!

Straight to the point – 

Affiliate marketers need to be aware, especially as they get started in affiliate marketing that the online world is vast.

Why I mention this is to bring home the point that there are countless products online to promote, and earn money; however, there are also many products and loads of space online to get lost.

Be diligent to avoid these products and spaces so as not to waste your time and effort thinking you are doing productive work, where the reality is you are just spending your time. Have a plan and stick to the plan.

The affiliate marketer needs to be aware and therefore very careful not to get caught up in this non-productive void. 

Stay focused on your business.

Treat your business as a real business.

Stay unattached to any one product or vendor.

Initially test a product, If the promotion is working scale the promotion, if not move on.

Have a proven plan and stick to your plan.


If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and get a proven plan click on free video training.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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This Simple Mind Shift Will Enhance Your Earnings And Your Life! “Go For No”

I have only been reading loads of blog articles recently and noticed many articles written offering advice on how to earn from your writing.

difficult to earn

Many times the advice seems very similar, at other times very different. However, the common thread throughout the articles is people are finding it difficult to earn through their writing.

We all need money, so this desire to earn doing something you love is no surprise.

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.”

Zig Ziglar

Perhaps I may be able to share some advice that may benefit those desiring to earn from their writing.

highly recommended book

A few years ago, I was introduced to a book while I was attending a business seminar. This highly recommended book has surprisingly thin considering the weighty recommendation. As I love to learn and am rather ambitious, I bought the book and was very impressed by the principle content.

The book I am referring to is “Go For No” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz.

While reading this book, I was amazed at the straightforward concept, that made such a massive difference in my thinking and attitude. After reading this book, you will never look at the word ‘No’ the same way again. 

If you have ever been in any sales type of job environment, you would know sales is a numbers game. The more people you approach, the more chance you have of getting a deal/sale and the more sales you get, the more money you are going to earn.

not obvious

Now, please bear with me. As obvious as this may seem. Before getting your back up, this is not necessarily obvious to everyone.

Many times the most obvious solutions are staring you in the face. However, as you are so close, you are unable to see it.

first sales job

One of my first sales jobs years ago was selling gym memberships for a nationwide group. I got taught the more people you approached, the more opportunities we had to get a sale.

Now, this was a commission-only sales position. So, I didn’t earn a basic salary or retainer. If I didn’t make any sales for the week or month, you didn’t get paid for that week or month.

To work under those circumstances is tough. However the commission was good, and when you made the sales, you got paid well, which off-balanced the risk-reward.

The bottom line was to earn one needed to do the work. 

A lot of focus put on the averages and sales is a numbers game.

sales is a numbers game

So, if you spoke to enough people, the averages in the sales matrix would work. So you had to put in the work and based on the sales matrix averages, you make the relevant appointments, presentations and sales.

the figures we worked to were 

  • 30 approach
  • 12 appointments made
  • 4 presentations
  • 2 sales

So as a daily requirement, was to contact 30 people, from those 30 people make 12 appointments, from those appointments, do 4 presentations, from those presentations should make 2 sales.

So the figures

  • 30 people
  • 12 appointments
  • 4 presentations
  • 2 sales

Being ambitious, I figured if I doubled the input effort, I would earn more, hopefully, double.

So instead of 30, I would approach 60 people. 

Instead of setting 12 appointments, I would make 24 appointments. 

I would do 8 presentations rather than the expected 4.

I should, therefore, average 4 sales rather than the expected 2.

earning great money

I can’t be sure if I hit all the numbers as exact as this catalogue represents. For if I remember, correctly there wasn’t enough time in the day to hit all the doubled up figures. However, I can report I did try to hit those figures every day and subsequently became one of the top writers in the business earning great money.

 In all honesty, I enjoyed being in control of earning in relation to my input.

There is a lot which is out of my control being in a commission-only sales position. However, if I control my input, making sure I hit the high numbers, the results will average out.

Knowing this is great, but the moment you prove it works, you become unstoppable.

Work hard to play hard

As this was one of the first sales positions I ever had, I was keen to work hard and prove myself. Work hard to play hard.

relentless efforts

Reality is even though this was great, and the averages panned out. It was still difficult at times to do the required calls. Some days you weren’t feeling up to it, just tired or burnt out by the relentless efforts. Sometimes just fed up of receiving the high volume of No’s.

Just remember that if you are approaching 30 people to eventually get 2 sales means for every 2 yeses you are getting 28 no’s.

Doing this level of work every day is tough at the best of times. However, if you are anything like me, an overachiever doubling the effort to increase the results, i.e. income.

Therefore my figures I would be getting 56 No’s to get 4 Yes’s, just doubling the statistics.

That is a lot of no’s and irrespective of how successful you become, getting that amount of no’s every day is tough to handle.

It was only years later that I was introduced to the book “Go For No”.

Well, I was immediately blown away by the concept.

As I read, my mind changed to the attitude to the word ‘No’.

The results are profound.

The book covers a short story of a salesman who learns a valuable lesson from the most unlikely source. He discovers a simple shift in his mind changes the way he thinks, sells even the way he lives his life.

By reading ‘Go For No’ will allow you to regard the word ‘No’ differently, which will result in you being more comfortable in earning through your writing.

Now once you read the book “Go For No“, it will do the same for you.

This book will have a positive effect on you, irrespective if you are in the sales profession or not.

These lessons in the “Go For No” book destined to change the way we think, the way we sell, and the way we live forever.

You will have a new attitude to the word. ‘No’, that you have never thought possible, and it would probably help you with your desire to earn money from writing.

Some things you will learn 

  • how to outperform most of the worlds salesforce,
  • Failing and being a failure are not the same thing,
  • The importance to celebrate both success and failure,
  • Understand how to overcome the five failure levels,
  • And much much more.

Get your copy now

“Go For No” and read this short but powerful book, it will completely change the way you look at the word No, as it did me.

Get your copy now “Go For No”

(Please note this post includes links that I may receive a small commission if items are ordered.)

Interested in learning How To Create An Awesome Lifestyle and Business

Click the Start Here page and get your FREE Video series.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Are You Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Life & Your Online Business?

Things happen for a reason is something I believe. I also believe I am the person I am because of my life experiences.

Things happen for a reason in your online business too.

Light At The End of the Tunnel

My hope in sharing my story is so others who have suffered a similar fate in their online business may be able to see hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

 “I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world, but still I am not what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am.”

John Newton

We are all aware there are many ways to make money online and to start an online business in every conceivable niche — where every top achiever is flaunting their secret methods to their success through training programs/schemes.

Similar Experiences

So perhaps your experiences are similar to mine as I have tried various money-making schemes/get rich quick schemes over the years.

The top achievers at the time, seem to make it sound so easy. Embarrassingly I admit, I foolishly fell for their promises.

Now being naturally curious, passionate, go-getter, my attitude was even if I only achieve half of what they are promising — I will be successful.

I wanted to succeed in my online business. I stubbornly pursued my goal with enthusiasm and optimism.

Sadly I have to admit all my attempts to start an online business were in vain, I never achieved any real success.

‘twenty-twenty hindsight.’

‘twenty-twenty hindsight.’ – we have a perfect understanding of a situation or events only after they have happened.

So with this ‘twenty-twenty hindsight,’ I noticed I have subconsciously been sabotaging my life and my online business for many years.

Like many people who have also fallen for empty promises of the past, I continuously have been trying to better my life, to improve my work circumstance and income prospects.

So with this perfect understanding of a situation (hindsight), after it has happened, I have decided to share my discovery.

Starting Online Businesses

I have always started online businesses to run alongside the day job. My hope to earn some extra money leading to slowly build this side business into a full-time income.

As I have always thought I had my feet well-grounded. I didn’t expect to get rich quick. I believe in hard work. So needless to say I expected to work hard and therefore succeed irrespective of how long it may take.

However, I didn’t expect to get caught up in the get rich quick programs or schemes. Not that I was falling for these ideas per se. I wanted to work hard and build a business. It was difficult/impossible to prevent getting involved in a get rich quick scheme as they were all over the internet at the time.

Methods And Training

Now at the time, every internet business owner with a success story seemed to be offering their techniques, secret methods and training. So even though I wasn’t interested in getting rich quick schemes, I was inevitably lead down these roads.

Furthermore, as an entrepreneur trying to start an online business, I also tried following various business models. I become overwhelmed by the considerable learning curve and wide variety of information available online.

It was a struggled to determine what information was useful or which training program to follow and implement?

Eventually, I become so overwhelmed. I was also unsure of who to trust or follow, which got me unintentionally caught up in the get rich quick schemes which inevitably led to failures.

Every time I would fail in starting an online business, I would regard it as a lesson learnt and then optimistically move on to the next opportunity to start an online business.

Due to the constant failures resulted in me giving up on my dreams and goals of online business. The subsequent few years I didn’t even look at business ads or anything resembling a business opportunity.

Usually, I Would Switch Off

While scanning through youtube and watching a few videos an ad popped up. Usually, I would switch off my mind and wait for the ad to finish so I could continue to watch the video.

However, to my surprise, something caught my attention. I can’t remember exactly what it was. However, the calm, confident and authentic manner in which this person spoke I felt could trust what he was saying.

Where I Was In My Life

I listened to the advertisement intently and subsequently, responded. It had spoken directly to where I was in my life at the time. Well, one thing led to another, and I followed the links and loving everything this opportunity had offered.

So my attention was captured. This business also didn’t try to sell me all the time. I actually felt like I was being screened or interviewed to find out if I would be a good match for the business model. It seemed as if they were trying to identify if I would put their teaching and training into action.

Win-Win Situation

As a result, it seemed the business was interested in me succeeding as much as I wanted to succeed. I think the business should benefit from the training they are providing. This is exactly how I believe all business should be — a win-win situation.

My solution to subconsciously sabotaging my life & my Business was to find an honest mentor who would truly be interested in my success.

This mentor is going to teach and guide me through the strategy of building a business and life around my interests.

Their Business Strategy

It was clear this business wasn’t interested in training me to push their products. Rather they would train me in their business strategy to apply it to any niche, market, hobby, interest or anything for which I have a passion.

So if you resonate with anything I have mentioned? Then I want to introduce you to my mentors, by offering you a free three-part video training. You will see the quality of the training first hand.

A try before you buy. Although, you don’t have to commit to anything. Just enter your email and name, the videos will be emailed.

Well, how do you determine what is a good mentor?

So how do you determine who is a good mentor?

Firstly find a mentor who has achieved what you are trying to accomplish or what you are setting out to achieve.

In my experience, it is going to be an easier path to follow as your mentor will be able to instruct you from their experience that they have already figured out what works and which is going to be the quickest path to success. Therefore you are able to escape making the same costly mistakes.

With twenty-twenty hindsight, I completely see the huge benefit a mentor will be.

Someone Who Has Achieved

It is paramount this mentor has achieved and teaches from experience.

Hopefully, this mentor will be doing the things he/she is teaching in their own business. You will be confident in following their training in the knowledge that they have gone before.

What truly amazed me from my mentor is the depth of insight and wealth of experience I have access too.

Whole Community

My access extends further to host of mentors and a whole community of similar-minded people all very willing to encourage and support.

Additionally, I discovered many little tweaks which made all the difference, and that is exactly the mentor’s experience is most valuable. As I may never have discovered these little tweaks left to my own devices.

So if you are tired of going it alone, perhaps you are also overwhelmed by where to start with a business online. If you are teachable and willing to be successful, maybe you are the right person for this mentor program.

I am not here to convince you either way — you make your mind up.

You have nothing to lose. Click the link below, enter your name and email and the videos will be emailed to you. You will also be put on my subscription list so I can send you helpful information on building an online business.

Don’t Fear

However, if you want to unsubscribe. There is an unsubscribe link on every email. We are against spamming, therefore you will also have to verify your email before the videos will be sent.

Benefit From The Value

It doesn’t matter if you are new to online business, you will benefit from the value in the videos, so take notes and implement your new knowledge – its free.

You must agree – it makes sense to learn from top achievers and learn from people who have achieved what you are trying to achieve, right?

So take the mystery out of marketing and learn the proven process that is working for thousands.

More importantly, stop Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Life & Your Business.

You can do this. Ready for real results? Click here now.


When you see this you will instantly recognise them & know why they can help you as they helped me.

Therefore online marketing should be fun and it should be profitable and you should get the support you deserve.

This online community will support you and teach you the exact step-by-step process you need to succeed online.

Thus there is no confusion and no pie in the sky or guessing games. Just real results.

Ready for real results? Click here now.

Click the Start Here page and get your FREE Video series.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Calling All Affiliate Marketers! Get Your Products In Front Of Highly Targeted Audience!

As an affiliate marketer, you are always trying to get in front of Highly Targeted Audience with your products, right?

If you get your products in front of a Highly Targeted Audience, they are more likely to buy your products and therefore you are then more likely to earn a commission. (i.e. get paid)

Now, as an affiliate marketer, you also should be conscious of not being seen to spam. You don’t want to give your market the impression that you are spam if you are building a reputable business.

Irrespective of how you get in front of your audience currently. You will be able to add this technique to your marketing activities and therefore get in front of a more Highly Targeted Audience.

So let me introduce a low cost, effective, scalable, no spam, affiliate and landing page friendly marketing technique that is welcomed by your target market. Click the Free Traffic Mini-Course.

What I am referring to is Ezine Marketing.

So you may not have heard of Ezine Marketing before. Or perhaps you have heard of it but never really considered it and never looked into it any further. Just give me a few moments of your time, you will thank me for it.

Low Cost

It is a low-cost way to get started in Ezine Marketing, and when you have found a reactive audience, you can easily scale your marketing activities.

Leaving A Lot Of Money On The Table

Well, I would like to suggest to you that if you have not been making Ezine Marketing part of your marketing activities you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Please also note that Ezine Marketing is not spamming. For instance, as an illustration only yesterday, I was spammed by an affiliate marketer. Now even though the heading was effective, I already knew of the product as I had recently also considered promoting it.

However, this marketer was blatantly spamming my blog by leaving a comment only to promote their product. Totally unsolicited and unwanted marketing.

Now as an affiliate marketer I was annoyed by this spam, but my thoughts were drawn to how annoyed the general public must be (who are not affiliate marketers) when they receive spam.

Spamming, unfortunately, is still happening and is not giving our industry a great name. Instead, it is probably making our job even more difficult.

However, as an affiliate marketer, you can be more productive and effective by focussing your attention on a better and Highly Targeted Audience through Ezine Marketing.

So before we start, let’s answer the elephant in the room.

What Is Ezines

For those who may not have heard of it or those who are not that familiar with it?

Ezine is an electronic magazine. The “E” from the word “electronic” and the “zine” from the word “magazine” is combined to make “ezine”. 

So just as you would subscribe to a magazine and have it delivered to your address, you would also subscribe to an ezine (which is an electronic magazine) and have it delivered to your address – this time it is to your email address.

Never Going To Be Spam 

So I hope you are taking note – these ezines delivered to an audience who have subscribed to them. Therefore Ezine Marketing is delivered to a Highly Targeted Audience and therefore is never spam.

Ezines Opened And Read

Another reason Ezine Marketing is so effective is that ezines get opened and read because the Highly Targeted Audience have all subscribed to receive them.

This Highly Targeted Audience are also used to receiving the ezines and are expecting some level of controlled marketing.

Without Spamming 

So I hope you are seeing that Ezine Marketing is a great way to get your product in front of a Highly Targeted Audience without spamming. 

Build Your List Or Audience 

Another great reason to use Ezine Marketing as it is a great way to build your list or audience. You can focus on a specific demographic, age, group, culture and etc. 

Affiliate Friendly And Landing Page Friendly 

Ezine Marketing is also affiliate and landing page friendly.

You don’t have to be dictated by the social media platforms where you send your audience, and you can send them straight to an affiliate link or to a landing page.

Short Mini-Course 

If you would like to learn more I have a short mini-course to offer you so have all the necessary information to make an informed decision to go ahead with Ezine Marketing.

The free mini-course is short video training structured in a way that you can put what you learn into action.

This mini-course is delivered by Directory Of Ezines, which is the worlds first and best Ezine resource for Ezines advertising.

So Are You Ready To Get Your Products In Front Of Highly Targeted Audience!

With Ezine Marketing, You Can Target Your Exact Market Avatar With Your Products

  1. Affordable
  2. Highly targeted
  3. Email marketing brings a high ROI
  4. Many ad types to choose from
  5. Affiliate friendly
  6. Capture page friendly
  7. Scalable

So if you would like to learn more about Ezine Marketing and be able to use a low cost, effective, scalable, no spam, affiliate and landing page friendly marketing technique that is welcomed by your target market. Click the Free Traffic Mini Course link below.

You can also become an affiliate just follow the link.

Directory of Ezines

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Looking For A Second Income, This Works Like Crazy!

Are You Running Out Of Money Before The End Of The Month?

Looking For A Second Income? This Will Help!

Therefore if you are anything like me the money runs out way before the month and I use to be always trying to catch my tail. So I was trying to kill fires!

Perhaps you are looking for a second income? I would like to show you how I escaped that terrible hamster wheel.

So, I was running my decorating business living hand to mouth. Resulting in every day, week and month seemed to be a vast mountain to climb with many bills (fires to kill). I just never seemed to get ahead and finally started looking for a second income online.

Now, as I am sure you are aware just a general search online will give you substantial search results for “looking for a second income” – BUT you do you trust and how do you know if they are right for you.

Therefore, from my business and life experience, people like to get referrals from friends and family, which immediately validates the referred person. Resulting hopefully in the person referred turning out to be good, trustworthy and reliable.

So following this principle, I would like to recommend/refer my business mentor to you. I know you are going to be slightly sceptical and rightly so.

Although I am referring someone to you who will be able to help as you are looking for a second income. So let me put your mind at rest.

Put Your Mind At Rest

Well, what I am going to do in an attempt to put your mind at rest is to offer you a free three-part training session where you can test the training before you even consider going any further.

Just click on the link looking for a second income and get the video training sent to your inbox immediately.

Now there are many ways to start a business, the best, easiest, quickest and cheapest way I found for people looking for a second income, is affiliate marketing as you will not need:

  • Your website,
  • Affiliate marketing is easy to learn,
  • Very low entry,
  • Don’t have to handle any stock,
  • no need to do the shipping,
  • not dealing with customer returns,
  • and the list goes on.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Well now you either know what affiliate marketing is or you are going to be asking what the hell is affiliate marketing.

So Let Me Explain!

Affiliate marketing is the process of joining an affiliate program with a company. You will be assigned an affiliate link that is unique to you. You then recommend their products through advertising and marketing and then when the company gets new customers through your affiliate link – you get a commission.

Now A Word Of Caution!

I am not going to ask you to approach your friends and family and try and sell them all sorts of things. No!

  • There is no selling involved!
  • You will get your unique affiliate link from the company. 
  • Then you find people, who are already searching for this exact product, (we will train you how to do this)
  • and then you provide your affiliate link to them, 
  • they buy the product that they are already looking for 
  • and you get a referral commission.

This affiliate business model is explained better in the free video training. So get the training, it’s free, there is no commitment required. All you need to do is enter your email so that I can email the video to you.

My First Concerns

The first thing I thought of when I first heard about affiliate marketing is I am going to have to sell to all my friends and family. Well, that is defiantly not the case.

The second thing I got anxious about was that I didn’t have a website. Well, that is why affiliate marketing is such a brilliant business model, as you don’t need your web site.

You Don’t Need

You also don’t have to bother with 

  • Setting up a website, 
  • Providing customer services, 
  • Dealing with refunds, 
  • Handling the shipping or 
  • Setting up a merchant for payments. 

Thus you will be using the actual website and information of the company to which you have the affiliate link.

You don’t even ever have to handle any of the products or services. The company handles all that. 

All you have to do is promote their products, and when the prospects become new customers through your unique affiliate link, you get the commission. (we will train you how to do all this)

Don’t Have To Reinvent The Wheel

So you don’t have to go work all this out for your self. Our excellent mentors have achieved great success in creating a second income, through affiliate marketing, and they have figured it all out already. 

So they have also made costly errors and mistakes, and they offer their experiences to us so that we can avoid them.

If you would like :

  • to avoid costly errors and mistakes
  • a chance to get a head start in a second income,
  • to learn how to find the best products and companies
  • and loads of tips and strategies in earning a second income.

Click on the link and get your free training sent to your inbox in seconds.

The affiliate marketing business model is the easiest to do, to learn with the lowest barrier of entry for anyone wanting to get started in earning a second income.

Click on the link below and get your free training today.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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Generating More Traffic To Your Websites

Anyone who has an online business will agree that Generating More Traffic to your website is the lifeblood of your business.

Consistently Do A Few Things Well 

Now Generating More Traffic doesn’t have to be a constant frustration if you just consistently do a few things well. In so doing you will be able to generate all the traffic you could want, provided you are willing to do the necessary work.

Now you may have become overwhelmed by the vast array of techniques and information online. Especially all the companies making empty promises of free traffic solutions. 

So either you don’t have the time or inclination to chase every promise and/or you have been a victim of the false promises made with no true traffic generation.

Introduce You To My Mentor.

So if you are interested in learning more about Generating More Traffic to your websites or any aspect of starting a business online or perhaps you are interested to start a business around your interests I would like to introduce you to my mentor. 

Free Three-Part Video Training

As a result, I have a free three-part video training I can send you and you can check him out. Just click the link below to get your training immediately.

Control Your Traffic

Now the best solution is the one where you are in control of your traffic and there are a few options you can employ.

So in generating more traffic to your website you have the option of free traffic and paid traffic.

You Have To Invest In Your Business

Now when it comes to business especially business online you have to invest in your business. There is no way around investing in your business. You either invest time or money. However, the best solution I have been taught and found from my own experience is a bit of both.

Invest Time And Money In Your Business.

So by investing time in the free traffic generation options will pay back over the long term and if done well will generate more traffic and constant traffic over the long-term.

However, by investing money into your business will result in immediate traffic. Although this traffic will only last as long as you are investing the money.

Best Solution

Therefore the best solution is to invest time which will give a return of long term traffic and to invest money in the immediate return of generating traffic.

I will give you a few ideas for both free traffic and paid traffic, although I will not be able to go into much detail on this post. However, if you would like to learn more about creating consistent traffic with both methods free and paid, make sure you get the free training videos.

Free Traffic Generating

Content Marketing

  • Write and post blogs
  • Write and post articles
  • Make a video
  • Social media
    • Twitter
    • Facebook pages/timeline/groups
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • Comment on forms
  • Exchange links
  • Ezine Advertising

Keyword-Rich Content

Your content should always be rich in keywords, however, the keywords need to be relevant to the topic and the website. Also be aware not to overdo the keywords, as the content should still be easy to read and to understand.

If you do these methods correctly you will not only make your website popular, but it will also make you achieve your most desirable result – higher conversion rate.

Paid Advertising

  • Banner ads
  • PPC
  • Youtube
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Article marketing
  • Ezine marketing

Therefore the options to generate more traffic to your website are endless the skill is knowing what strategy is going to be best for you. Then implementing the strategy that is going to give you the best return on your investment.

Now with the paid traffic generation option you pay for the advertising you are going to do and the necessary traffic is generated to your website.

Although in my experience, the list above is the most popular and effective advertising strategies, however, each one has its required skill set to effectively write ads that are going to get the best response.

So if you would like to learn more be sure to get the three-part video training – link below.

Choose one manner of advertising (i.e. Blog posts – free option, Banner advertising for the paid option) and then master that strategy before you move on to the next. Get good at one. When you are consistently getting 20 leads a day. Scale up the advertising you are doing and then think of starting another strategy.

Now a note regarding pending on the paid advertising. Most if not all of the good advertisers will have a way to set a daily budget so can be in control of your spend. 

So if you would like to learn more in-depth training on generating more traffic click on the three-day training in the resource box.

4 Points When Writing Content

  • Consistent content
  • Keyword-rich content
  • Content that solves a problem your target market has.
  • Content that adds value

Just remember good quality content that provides value will also build trust and authority.

Consistent Quality Content – Have A Strategy

  • Commit to creating a new piece of content daily.
  • Then publish it.
  • Publish to all relevant sources.
  • Place 1 ad per day and split test the ads. Make sure you are tracking your links.

More importantly, just keep creating new quality content and your exposure will grow, your authority will be established and people will start to trust you. Therefore when people trust you they will trust what you recommend and you will sell more products.

Now Above All

Now I need to mention, that with all the traffic-free or paid the number one strategy you must do above all else is to build your list.

In conclusion, if you are serious about building a business you should be building your list with everything you do.

Your traffic to your website is the lifeblood of your business, but your list is your business. It is the asset that will be invaluable, so don’t neglect this part of your business. Build your list in everything you do.

The strategy I have employed and found to be most consistent is content marketing. Creating new content regularly that is adequate in keywords. Then publish it to the relevant directories and sites whilst I also do some paid advertising.

You will, therefore, set in motion content able to generate traffic long term and may even eventually start to generate genetic traffic on the search engines.

So if you are interested in learning more about generating traffic to your websites or any aspect of starting a business online or perhaps you are interested to start a business around your interests I would like to introduce you to my mentor. Click the link below.

Free Three-Part Video Training

So I have a free three-part video training I can send you and you can check him out. Just click the link below to get your training immediately.

Please follow on twitter and facebook and share the post. Thank you.

All the best


Helping people create their best life by building a digital business. Developing the right attitude through self-development, world-class training, mentoring and support from like-minded people in an environment where you can truly create your idea of financial freedom and lifestyle business.

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